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Halloween parade

October 31, 2016

On Monday, October 31, R-LDCC will celebrate the traditional American children’s holiday of Halloween with a costume parade.

Families are asked to send a costume (not too scary, and no weapons) for their child to the Center in the morning, in a tote bag (no plastic bags!!) labeled with the child’s name. We’ll change the children into their costumes after snack.

Parents are welcome to come and enjoy the parade. Before you make plans to come and then go back to work, however, we respectfully request you first consider your child’s reaction to yet another separation when s/he may already be quite excited! Usually, the majority of our friends go home for “trick-or-treat,” or to show off their cute costumes at a parent’s workplace.

We begin the parade about 3:45, or as soon as we get all the children into their costumes. We ask all the spectators, including parents, grandparents, friends and siblings, to sit on the blue wall or the red wall, or stand against the fence. Keep the courtyard and the “parade route” clear for children and teachers. Let your child enjoy the parade, and take as many pictures as you like, but refrain from having your child stop and pose.

Reminder: any snacks or treats for the children need to be pre-approved, so we can make sure no one is left out!

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